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Cremation ashes jewelry created from glass and precious metals by artisans in the USA.  Honor the lives of your loved ones and pets with a memorial keepsake.


Creation of your cremation memorial

Storage of Ashes

Once the ashes arrive we will store them in the order they have been received.   Each box has its own special bin that also includes the invoice with your unique order number.  This is the same order number that is included on the vial that contains the ashes. Production time will take 4-6 weeks after the ash kit is in our possession.

Ensuring accuracy in every order

Each morning a work schedule is created detailing memorials that will be made that day, and in which order.   After a memorial is made it is placed one shelf within our glass kiln.  The first order we make that day goes on the first shelf and so on.  The kiln is unloaded the next morning,  placing each glass memorial back into the bin that holds the invoice and the vial with all ash that has not been used during the creation process.

One Order at a Time

We only make memorials in very small batches on a daily basis. While we do place up to 5 memorials in our kiln on each day, when it is time to finish making your jewelry, they are completed one at a time.  We never have multiple memorials out of their unique bin.  The creation of the next piece of jewelry will not begin until we have finished the order before yours.

Incorporating ashes into glass

Creation of glass cremation marble

All of the memorials we offer are made with the technique of glass flame-working, also known as lampwork.  We begin the process by taking the individual bin that the ashes and invoice have been stored in to our work table.  To incorporate the ashes we will take a rod of molten glass and dip the hot glass into the ash vial.  In its molten state the glass rod becomes "sticky" and will pick up the ashes that come's in contact with it.  That gather of molten glass and ash will be stretched into a rod that will be used later in the process.  After we have created the framework of your keepsake the ash rod is applied on top of the colored glass you have chosen.  The piece is then fully encased with clear glass and we begin the final shaping of your memorial.  The ash is now forever sealed within the glass and  placed in our digitally controlled kiln to slowly cool.

All ash we receive will be returned

Cremation glass teardrops to be returned

If there is any of the rod that contains ashes left after your memorial is made, we will return it. The rod will be gathered into little teardrops of glass and sent back with the unused cremain ash.  These drops of glass are meant to be returned back to the urn as they do contain a small amount of ash.