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Cremation ashes jewelry created from glass and precious metals by artisans in the USA.  Honor the lives of your loved ones and pets with a memorial keepsake.


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How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free within the USA.  This includes the shipment of the ash kit both ways, final shipping and insurance. 

International shipping: We also ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China and the United Kingdom.  The cost varies between $48.00 and $68.00 to these destinations.  We will mail you an ash kit, however you must purchase the return shipping for the ash kit from your local shipping courier outside of the USA.  There may be customs fees and duties that must be paid upon the delivery of your memorial.  We are not responsible for these costs.  Please contact your local customs authority to determine what these costs may be prior to placing your order.  If you live in another country and are interested in purchasing our memorials please email us for a shipping quote. 

How will I get the ashes to you?

We will mail you an ash kit within 2 business days.  The kit will have everything you need to mail them to us, including a prepaid return shipping label for orders within the USA.  International destinations will not receive a return shipping label for the ash kit.  Please visit our packaging information to see an example of our ash kit as well as the lovely jewelry boxes you will receive your finished memorial in.

How much ash is needed?

Only a very small amount of ash is needed to create your memorial.  We will send you a scoop that measures one teaspoon in size.  Once the memorial is made all ash that is left will be returned to you in the same container you sent them to us in.  In the creation process, we will make a rod of glass that contains the ashes of your loved one.  If the entire rod of glass is not used in your memorial, we will gather the rod into small teardrops and return them to you in ash container as well.  The small teardrops are meant to be returned to the urn as they will contain a small amount of ash.

Will the ashes be visible?

Yes, you will see the ash in your memorial.  They will show as flecks of white floating within the glass.  The ashes can also create bubbles within the glass as well. 

Will the colors look exactly like your color chart?

Please be aware that each glass cremation cabochon or bead will be unique from those pictured in our color chart.     While the same colors will be used in the creation process, each will have it's own pattern and swirls of color different from those you see.  The swirls of color will lay differently than pictured.  The colors you see in our examples may not show as prominently as a result.   These are individually handmade works of art, they each have their own characteristics and can never be exactly duplicated.  Borosilicate glass has more subtle coloring in indoor lightning and will show it's true vibrancy and sparkle in sunlight.

Can you also use hair or bones in place of the ashes?

Hair will turn to ashes in glass memorials.  We do not incinerate the hair ourselves.  However, if you would like to include hair we welcome that if you have reduced the hair to ashes before sending them to us.  We can include incinerated hair ashes in any of our memorials.   If your cremated remains have small bits of bone we can grind them into ash for you, however we can not use bone without crushing it first.

Can I mix the ashes of two or more loved ones or pets together in one memorial?

Yes, we can mix the ashes into one memorial.  In this case we will still only send one vial for the ashes.  Please place all ashes into the same vial.  You will be not able to distinguish between the ashes in the final product.

Can you create a memorial without cremated remains?

Yes, just select the color of your choice along with the engraved text of your choosing.  Please let us know you will not need an ash kit.

Are the ashes secure within the glass?

Yes, as the memorial is created the ashes will be forever fused within the glass.  They will become a part of the glass art.  They will not be disturbed by water as they are inside the glass.

How long does the creation process take?

Once we have received the kit returned to us in the mail please allow 4-6 weeks before we will ship your order. 

What kind of glass do you use, can it break?

The type of glass used to create all of our memorials is borosilicate glass, most commonly known as Pyrex glass.  This is an ideal choice for your memorial as it is a laboratory grade glass, the clarity and strength is unsurpassed.  After your memorial is created it will be annealed within a glass kiln to strengthen the piece even further.  While borosilicate is a very strong glass, it is still glass and can break, glass is not indestructible.  Please use caution and common sense when you are wearing your memorial jewelry.  Glass can also scratch under heavy wear.

How do I know the memorial contains the ashes of my loved one?

Our process is very substantial to ensure that the cremated remains of your loved are in your memorial.  Each step is tracked and documented along the way from receiving the ashes until the shipping.  Just as a loved one's body is entrusted to a crematorium, so are those cremains entrusted to Locked In Art.  We respect the trust you place in us when ordering cremation keepsakes.

How do I care for my memorial jewelry?

We will include a jewelry polishing cloth with your order for all polished jewelry.  Your jewelry is also safe to wash with a dish soap such as Dawn and water to remove any build up.  Please do not take your jewelry to a local jewelry store to have them polish or clean it.  Often times they are not familiar with glass jewelry and can damage your jewelry by etching the glass when polishing.  This damage is not repairable.  We will not be held responsible if the glass becomes etched for any reason.  If you would like a deep cleaning free of cost just send us an email.  You will only be responsible for the shipping costs.  Please send your jewelry boxed so it is not damaged in transit.  We can not be held for any damage caused in shipping.  Memorial jewelry is subject to normal wear and tear like scratches and dings, just like any other jewelry.  If they are treated with respect you will have no problems and they can certainly last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations.

May I cancel an order?

       Any request to cancel an order must be made within a reasonable time frame, within 2 weeks of the sale.  You will be        responsible for all costs incurred on our end up to that point.