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Cremation ashes jewelry created from glass and precious metals by artisans in the USA.  Honor the lives of your loved ones and pets with a memorial keepsake.


Pet Memorials

Pet Cremation Memorial Jewelry

When you are faced with the death of a loyal pet your grief may feel overwhelming.  They have given you love and companionship for many years and are truly a member of the family.  We know that you want a way to remember your beloved furry friend.  Any of our cremation memorials can be made from the ashes of your pet or human loved one.  This is a unique way to keep a small piece of them with you everywhere you go and celebrate their life and the loved you shared.

The special part about cremation jewelry is only a very small amount of ashes are needed.  Animals touch the lives of many people with the unconditional love they give.   We can create several memorials from only a teaspoon of ash.  You can have one made for everyone in your family to provide comfort, closure and lasting memories.  We have many designs and color options that you can choose from in our Cremation Jewelry store. 


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